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Practice Areas Litigation Trucking & Transportation

Representation of carriers such as trucking companies, freight forwarders, bus and limousine companies and freight intermediaries, including freight brokers and logistics providers (both supply and distribution chain planners) historically has been the foundation of Reger Rizzo & Darnall’s Transportation & Logistics Practice Group.

Our Trucking & Transportation attorneys have gained substantial experience through decades spent representing carriers. This experience has allowed us to broaden the transportation and logistics practice into assisting the users of freight carriers, such as manufacturers, distributors, warehouses and other users. Representing the industry in its use of motor carriers, logistics providers and brokers springs largely from the deregulation of economic controls over trucking and railroads and the colossal growth of the brokerage/third-party logistics industry.

The government is no longer responsible for the regulation of shipper/transportation provider arrangements. Those relationships are now a matter of contract – either a negotiated contract, a contract proposed by either participant, or a contract imposed by the carrier in its bill of lading. Vital issues including pricing, liability for lost or damaged cargo, performance metrics, liability for delay, accessorial charges, indemnities and many other elements are dependent upon the participants.

The growth of freight brokerage and 3PLs has distanced users from direct knowledge of their carriers and the services provided by them. Advances in efficiency and cost savings have fostered the growth of an additional set of problems, including loss of control over supply and distribution chains, the potential for double brokering and double payment, among others.

Our attorneys handle a broad range of matters for transportation companies, including:

  • Company governance, bank and financing issues, corporate control contests
  • Long-term service or supply agreements, purchase orders, equipment leases and other contracts
  • Employment and personnel issues and arrangements
  • Evaluation and planning of business expansion and contraction, as well as sales, acquisitions and mergers
  • Consulting with, advising, and acting as senior counsel and sounding board on strategic and everyday business and personal issues
  • Safety compliance training and reporting
  • Accident investigation 
  • Defense of trucking accidents and claims

Our team of Transportation & Logistics attorneys provides practical solutions for our clients’ needs. Just as important as our dedication to providing the highest level of legal service is our keen understanding and familiarity with our client’s processes and protocols. This knowledge enables the group to prevent problems before they occur. 

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