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Our Firm Dedication to Diversity

We recognize that differences in heritage, background, upbringing, experience and worldview strengthen our ability to effectively represent clients. This is why building a diverse team is one of the core values of our firm. Since the Firm was founded more than three decades ago, we have endeavored to cultivate a culture of inclusion starting with our workplace atmosphere and mission. Internally and externally, we are involved in initiatives that engage us with a diverse network of professionals, members of local government and community supporters.

Our team of professionals is committed to developing and fostering a culture that promotes teamwork, collegiality and unity inside and outside the office, the many organizations that we are collectively a part of, and our homes. To create, maintain and nurture an environment in which individuals that represent a variety of viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds can grow and succeed, the Firm has made a clear and recognizable commitment to diversity in of ways, including:

  • Maintaining a diversity committee that oversees the execution of the firm’s diversity program
  • Continually recruiting and promoting talented women and minorities to bring into our ranks of attorneys and staff
  • Regularly partnering with women and minority-owned providers of legal services
  • Supporting our attorneys’ membership in local diversity and women-focused professional groups and non-profit organizations
  • Sponsoring an annual in-house women’s law group retreat that focuses on recruitment and retention of women in the workplace
  • As part of their annual review, measuring each partner based on their commitment to enhancing diversity in their practice

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