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We assist clients with all aspects of elder care law, whether they need urgent legal advice or to create an individual plan, one for a parent or a family member. We can help you and your family:

  • Manage elder care emergencies when immediate legal assistance is necessary
  • Address emerging elder care issues before a crisis occurs
  • Help you put a Life Care Plan in place to address your future care
  • Ensure your aging family members get the appropriate level of care
  • Create a plan that helps you or a loved one maintain a high quality of life
  • Work to prevent or fight elder abuse
  • Ensure you or an aging loved one can maintain control of their future even after they can no longer make decisions on their own

Our goal is to reduce the unnecessary stress on you and your family members. We will work closely with your family to address all your current and future elder law concerns, often before they come to your attention. 

We offer compassionate support and guidance while answering all your questions about elder law as they relate to your loved one’s health condition and specific circumstances. We address your concerns about elder and Medicaid planning in a simple way that speaks to how it affects your family and your unique needs. We not only handle complex, pressing elder law issues but we can also help you design a long-term plan that best suits your family. This may include:

  • Estate plans
  • Life Care Plans
  • Asset protection plans
  • Medicaid planning

Once we understand your particular needs, we will formulate a plan to help you reach your goals. Our team wants to ensure your aging loved ones get the appropriate level of support and maintain the high quality of life they deserve.

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