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July 7, 2023 – Stephen M. Asbel, partner in the firm’s Philadelphia office was quoted on Amy Feldman’s Life and the Law radio show on KYW newsradio. This segment features a question received from a listener who only had a “copy” of her will, not the original. The law firm that prepared her will did not have the original. According to Asbel, if only a copy is available, a petition will have to be filed with the court to have the copy admitted. In cases like this, difficulty can arise if she had kept her will herself and a court were to presume she had destroyed it. 

Steve suggests that given that significant time since she made the will, it would be a good idea to have a new will prepared to ensure it is up to date with her current situation and laws pertaining to estates. It is likely easier to sign a new original will with witnesses and notary and have that stored safely for the future, rather than have to deal with the difficulties of probating a copy.

To listen to the recording, click below.