Scott Diamond Secures Summary Judgment on Behalf of Client

RRD Associate, Scott Diamond, recently won summary judgment on behalf of a client in a slip and fall case pending before the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas. Plaintiff, an employee working within the client’s office building, alleged that he slipped and fell on ice covered by freshly fallen snow. As a result of the fall, the injured worker sustained a broken ankle and, due to complications related to his pre-existing diabetic condition, he underwent multiple surgeries including a partial amputation of his leg. At the time of the motion, the workers’ compensation lien approached $700,000.00.

Mr. Diamond premised his summary judgment motion on the “hills and ridges” doctrine. The doctrine requires a plaintiff to establish that the snow and/or ice formed ridges or elevations of such size and character to unreasonably obstruct travel in order to recover. Following oral argument, the client’s summary judgment was granted.