Rizzo Successful In a Jury Trial Involving Claimed Traumatic Brain Injury

RRD managing partner, Louis J. Rizzo, successfully completed a jury trial involving the defense of a claimed traumatic brain injury. While liability surrounding the traumatic event was not in dispute, the nature and extent of the claimed brain injury was hotly contested. Much of the testimony and evidence focused on technical, neurological findings and opinions.

By detailing the plaintiff’s long and complex medical history, Louis J. Rizzo was able to call into question the underpinnings of plaintiff’s experts’ opinions, while at the same time bolstering the defense position that the claimed cognitive deficiencies were unrelated to the traumatic event. The case was an excellent example of the benefits of persistent, targeted discovery guided by early involvement of the consulting expert. Ultimately, the jury rejected the TBI claim in its entirety. The effective use of courtroom technology enhanced the presentation in this extremely document-intensive case.