Reger Rizzo & Darnall Employment Partner Featured on 6ABC

Reger Rizzo & Darnall's Employment Partner, Robert W. Small, was interviewed by 6ABC's Walter Perez on Wednesday, May 30th. Bob discussed the legal implications that may follow Philadelphia 76ers President, Bryan Colangelo, after his alleged use of multiple Twitter accounts to anonymously trash some of his own players and fellow executives and to defend himself against criticism from fans and the sports media.

Bob commented on the fact that Colangelo, through his recent social media interactions, could have opened himself up to civil and even criminal lawsuits when he shared sensitive and unflattering information about the team, its players and members of the coaching and executive staff. Colangelo is also accused of disclosing non-public medical information, which could violate HIPPA regulations.

Bob states that if Colangelo is the individual behind the social media accounts, that he could be in a lot of trouble. Bob says, "To the extent that he has disclosed the organization's confidential and trade secret information, he has liability under both state and federal trade secret laws, and common law."