Litigation Partner, Steven G. Leventhal, Secures Defense Jury Verdict

Congratulations to RRD litigation partner, Steven G. Leventhal on his recent courtroom victory. On December 5, 2012, Mr. Leventhal secured a defense verdict in the case of Morales v. Robinson – arising out of an eight year old motor vehicle accident in which the passenger of the motor vehicle, which Mr. Leventhal’s client was driving, sustained soft tissue and carpal tunnel related injuries from a rear-end collision. Mr. Leventhal’s client was accused of slamming on his breaks to purposefully cause the accident.

After a three-day trial in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, the jury took less than two hours to return a finding of “no negligence” against Mr. Leventhal’s client. While the other defendant was found to be negligent by the four male/four female Philadelphia jury – they also found that the accident was not the factual cause of the plaintiff’s injuries and subsequent treatment and thus awarded no money to the plaintiff whatsoever. No appeal is expected.