D’Ambrosio Successfully Settles Complex Construction Matter

RRD Attorney, George D’Ambrosio, successfully settled the complex construction matter through a two day mediation. D’Ambrosio represented an excavation contractor accused of faulty workmanship resulting in settlement damage in the construction of a new middle school in Phoenixville Pennsylvania.

The general contractor, the school district and three engineering firms all claimed RRD’s client was responsible for the 1.5 million dollars in damages to the foundation and surrounding areas. D’Ambrosio filed suit originally for payment of the contract invoice monies which were withheld due to the claimed damages. A variety of factors were considered, including excessive rainfall, improper planning, and controversial remediation techniques. The end result was D’Ambrosio obtained a recovery of 1.275 million for the client and was able to have the testing and engineering firms pay for the damages caused by the settlement. Needless to say, the client is extremely pleased.